Equipment Cheat Sheet

Players at all levels of CRNAA must have their own:  Bat, Helmet, Glove and Cleats. 
CRNAA provides balls and catcher’s gear/glove to each Manager, at every level of play. 
Jerseys & Hats are provided for all levels of in-house play.  Pants & socks are purchased by the individual family.  For in-house play, all player wear WHITE baseball pants, either long or knicker are acceptable. 
Travel Team Uniforms - all CRNAA approved uniforms will be sold at the beginning of each season (hat, jersey, pants).  Each Manager will communicate the gear required and uniform combs any given team will be using in a given season. 

BATS - USA stamped approved bats
- ALL In-house and STBL play.
- Tee-ball Division any tee-ball bat is acceptable. 
Note: Please make sure to check your bat for "approved balls" to ensure you do not damage a tee-ball certified bat, with hard baseballs.
- Bats must be USA Baseball approved and can be any length or weight.
- Bats must not be more than 2-5/8" in diameter.
- USA Baseball is not the same as USSSA. USSSA is not approved for play within CRNAA nor STBL.   USSSA (aka Triple S) bats are allowed in many tournaments, your coaches will inform players of these "allowed" tournaments. 
- Wood bats are approved by Little League for all levels of play.
Seniors Divisions ages 13+  Bat standards will be provided by Managers, depending on the league USA, BBCOR or Wood can and will be used.  

 If you purchase a new bat and are not sure it is approved for play, we suggest you leave the wrapping on the bat and do not use it until you have a coach, commissioner, or umpire confirm it is approved for play.

Helmets & Protective Gear 
All players are required to have their own helmet.  Although jaw guards are not mandatory, we do recommend them.
Additional padding; such as arm guards, ankle guards, slide mitts are not required at any level of play
Catcher's gear is provided for in-house teams. 

- All catchers owning their own gear will be responsible for their equipment and meeting the standards for any given level of play or tournament.   

Travel teams do not provide catchers gear. 

** Metal cleats are not permitted.


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