Little League follows Little League rules for pitch counts. These limits are intended to promote arm health by preventing overuse. These rules are not to be skirted as it is irresponsible of coaches to do so and it can also create an unfair competitive situation.

 - ALL PITCH COUNTS are to be logged under Team / Results - for all in-house and travel games under CRNAA. 
Pitches thrown for travel or club teams count towards these limits. It is a coach's responsibility to understand if players have pitched for any other teams. Coaches should not simply take a player's word for it. If you have players that pitch for you and play on other teams, be sure to establish good communication with their parents and share the pitch count rules with them.

There is both a maximum daily pitch limit, which is dependent on age, and a required rest period dependent on the number of pitches thrown. The Little League rules explain many scenarios, but the key takeaways are below.

Maximum Pitch Limit

Ages 11-12: 85 pitches

Ages 9-10: 75 pitches

Ages 7-8: 50 pitches

If a player reaches their pitching limit in the middle of an at-bat, they are typically allowed to finish that at-bat before being substituted out. This ensures a fair and smooth transition for both teams and avoids interrupting the flow of the game.

Required Rest

66+ pitches thrown: 4 full days of rest

51-65 pitches thrown: 3 full days of rest

36-50 pitches thrown: 2 full days of rest

21-35 pitches thrown: 1 full day of rest

1-20 pitches thrown: No rest required

Regardless of pitches thrown, no player may pitch on three consecutive days.

If a player crosses one of these thresholds in the final at bat they pitch, their final recorded pitch count reverts to the crossed threshold. For example, if a pitcher enters an at bat having thrown 34 pitches and retires the batter on 5 pitches, their recorded pitch count is 35 pitches, requiring 1 full day of rest.

Pitching and Catching in the Same Game

Catchers can use their arms even more than pitchers, particularly at older ages when position specialization sets in. There are some rules governing a catcher's ability to pitch in the same day.

Any player that catches 4 or more innings in a game is ineligible to pitch on that day.

Any player that catches 3 innings, then throws 21 or more pitches on the same day may not return to catcher that day.

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