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by posted 05/14/2021



I know there was some confusion with slugfest. 

We do have a game tomorrow morning at 9 am at Newtown Elementary.  Please arrive at 8:30 so we can get warmed up.  We haven't been on the big field for what feels like ages.  


We were happy to see that we put the last game against the Cardinals behind us, and we came out to play on Thursday night.  The tying run on third in the bottom of the sixth.  That was fun.  The boys are definitely starting to find their bats, which makes the games a whole lot more fun for everyone.  


A big thank you to Delia.  The basket looks great and we really appreciate you putting it together.  And a big thank you to everyone who has been in the snack shack.  It's a big help that you guys have taken care of that.  


See you in the morning.

go birds! 


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Orioles - Slugfest Basket
by posted 05/06/2021

Orioles Slugfest Basket
Hi Orioles-
Delia did an awesome job getting all of these awesome gift cards for our slug fest basket. I will definitely be putting money on this. 

Katie (Will’s mom)

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Orioles - Slugfest Basket
by posted 04/22/2021

Please bring $10 as a donation to the Orioles Slugfest Basket "A Taste of Newtown" in an envelope with your son's name on it to the game on Saturday. Thank you.

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Orioles - Uniforms. First Game, Snack Shack, Slugfest
by posted 04/09/2021

Good afternoon all!

We have a lot of housekeeping items to go over so I apologize in advance for the novel you are about to read. I suggest a nice beverage before starting.

Thank you to those that picked up your uniforms. For the others, I have given the uniform box to Coach Wallace to hand out pregame. Remember to wear you black shirt, black socks and black hat. The color of the pants are up to you.

With a 11:15a game on Saturday, please plan on arriving around 10:45a. There is most likely a game before us and we won't have much space to warm up other than a short throw in the grass on the side. If anything, arriving earlier than just before the first pitch allows us coaches to set a lineup and fielding position schedule so everyone gets a shot at the infield and outfield positions, as well as, their turn at being the leadoff or clean-up hitter!

When we have games at Chandler during the week, we are responsible to provide one parent to work the Snack Shack for 1 hour (the American League game will provide 1 parent to work the other 1 hour during the game). Here is a list of our Chandler games and I just allocated parents based on last name. It worked out to put two sets of parents for each game although we only need one of you to help. But, if you cannot make a game, we'll just swap with another parent to make sure we have coverage.

Tue, Apr 27 05:45 PM - 07:45 PM - RORY/SEAN/GIANNI
Thu, May 6 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM - CAYDEN/JACK
Mon, May 10 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM - ETHAN/WILL
Thu, May 13 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM - RYAN/ELI
Thu, May 20 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM - TYLER/COLIN/DEREK

CRNAA's Slugfest & Skills Challenge Competition and Fundraiser AND Picture Day will be held on Saturday 05/08/2021 at Chandler Fields. In order to make improvements to our fields, etc., Slugfest acts as our annual fundraiser and as a great family-friendly, exciting, hitting/skills contest for all of our players. This year, we have combined Picture Day on this date which will also be at Chandler.

It is the tradition for each team to create a "team basket" that will be raffled off during Slugfest. The team basket may have a theme (be creative!) and may have an approximate value of $100. The actual value will depend on how much we can collect as a team to go towards creating this basket. While you can donate whatever you are comfortable with donating, we normally collect $10 from each player to go towards creating this basket. Delia (Gianni's Mom) has volunteered to organize this basket. THANK YOU!!!

Whew! That was a lot! Unfortunately, Ryan and I will not be at our first game. He's bummed but we have a State Cup soccer game and he's the Goalie! 

Looking forward to a great season! Go Orioles!

Coach Pikul

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Recap of Saturday Practice
by posted 03/29/2021

I just wanted to send out a quick message today to the team to point out a few things:

  1. It was a beautiful day for baseball and probably the best we'll see this week. Not worrying about freezing hands and stinging bats like we normally do during the first practice is much appreciated. The weather on Saturday for our next practice looks to be another winner but I know I just jinxed us now.
  2. We witnessed firsthand on Saturday how Coach Wallace and I will be in and out but never gone from practice. Coach Wallace will be back for our next practice and you sawa me run out to grab my oldest from his game at North. This may happen more than you think but do not worry, we have it all under control and the team will never skip a beat.
  3. #2 saw Coach Lavolsi and fellow parents step in when needed to help run the practice. You cannot imagine how awesome that is to see and Coach Wallace and I cannot thank you enough. We will never, I mean never, turn anyone away from helping with this season. 
  4. Hopefully the boys got a different coaching experience from my oldest, James. I know kids can sometimes look at us parents and not knowing anything but when they see an older brother giving advice, especially in uniform, they tend to listen a little more closely.
  5. My practice strategy is simple. Work on the things you can't work on at home. With only 3 (if we get them all in) practices before the season starts and not many during the season, I like to focus on leading, pickoffs, strategy, etc. While do so, we'll coach the kids in doing things correctly
  6. Coach Wallace and I try to be as positive as we can be. You may have heard me saying to the boys, "You are either winning or learning. There is no losing here." It's a great saying and I believe it. Listen, the odds of us going to the MLB are slim and that means we'll face our share of "losing" but if we focus that on "learning" instead of crying, we may just end the season better than we started. Sounds like that is a win-win for all.

Okay, I have to teach at some point today. Sorry for the long email but I tend to get excited at times about baseball and coaching. 

Have a great day!

Coach Wallace and Coach Pikul

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Practice - Saturday 12:30p Newtown Elem
by posted 03/25/2021

As I'm writing this, I know the cancelation email will soon follow due to all the rain we had yesterday but I'm writing it anyway!!!


On Saturday, we have our first practice at Newtown Elementary Field at 12:30p. I hope to see everyone there.


Unfortunately, Coach Wallace will not be there. However, Coach Livolsi (Ethan's Dad has volunteered to coach - which we obviously said YES!!!), Coach Pikul (my son James is a sophomore playing baseball at CR North and has volunteered to help coach when he can) and I will be there to get everyone introduced to each other, knock off any rust and get our arms loose and ready.


Oh, and we play our weekend games at Newtown Elementary which is a 50/70 field. That means there is leading and stealing at any time, unlike our weekday games at Chandler Back Field which is a 46/60 field and you can only steal after the pitch crosses home plate.


Looking forward to a championship winning season!!!


Coach Pikul

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