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Council Rock Newtown Babe Ruth
Council Rock Newtown Babe Ruth (CRNBR) is a Babe Ruth League charter, and one of many baseball programs managed by the Council Rock Newtown Athletic Association (CRNAA). 
Council Rock Newtown Babe Ruth includes instructional, fun baseball programs for boys and girls aged 13-15.  It is often referred to as "in-house" baseball, meaning that instruction, sportsmanship and fun are the primary concerns, and it is designed for children of all ability levels.  Participation in "in-house" Little League, Cal Ripken, or Babe Ruth programs is often a prerequesite for participation in Travel and/or District (select) teams.  

Your child's baseball age is his/her age on April 30th of a particular year.  So, if your son is 14 on April 30th, he is a "baseball 14" for the entire year, regardless if he turns 15 before the season ends.  A "baseball age" calculator can be found here.

In order to play for CR Newtown Babe Ruth, you must reside within boundaries dictated by Babe Ruth.  The blue shaded area in the map below represents our CR Newtown Babe Ruth chartered territory, and players must reside with these boundaries to be eligible.

View Council Rock Newtown Babe Ruth Boundaries in a larger map

* If you would like to plot your address to see it in the above map, click on the "View Council Rock Newtown Babe Ruth Boundaries in a larger map" link above.  Enter your home address in the search area.  The league map will disappear, but it's not gone.  In the little icon where is says "Traffic" or "Terrain", click on drop down arrow and then select "Council Rock Newtown ..." and both your address and the blue boundary area will show up.  Use the Zoom controls to zoom out to see you house and the boundaries.

General Information

There is only one division in CR Newtown Babe Ruth.  In years when there are 10 or more teams, the division is usually divided into two conferences.  

The season encompasses 12 to 15 regular season games, depending on weather and the number of teams in the division.  The general format of the regular season is one weekday game and one Saturday game.  T
here is a playoff at the end of the year to determine the division champion.

All new players must attend a mandatory assessment which is announced via e-mail and is usually held in February of each year.

Players generally remain on the same CR Newtown Babe Ruth team for their three year "career", although in situations where registrations rise or fall dramatically, CRNAA reserves the right to perform a "re-draft" to balance the perceived talent level.


Registration - to register your child for these programs, click on the Registration tab in the banner near the top of this page.


Team Assignment - if your child has already been assigned to a team, you'll find roster, schedule, and field information under the My League & Team tab above.

Any questions, and ALL waiver requests, should be directed to our Player Agent at  .


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