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Welcome to Newtown American Legion Post 440 ...

Welcome to Newtown American Legion Post 440 baseball. 

American Legion Baseball is a national institution, having thrived through a world war, several national tragedies, and times of great prosperity as well as great despair. The league still stands atop the traditional values upon which it was founded nearly 85 years ago. Since 1925, American Legion Baseball has taught hundreds of thousands of young Americans the importance of sportsmanship, good health and active citizenship. The program is also a promoter of equality, making teammates out of wealthy bankers’ and industrial workers’ sons, and erasing any social divide between them. Most importantly, American Legion Baseball has been, and continues to be, a stepping stone to manhood for millions of young men who have gone on to raise families or play the sport at the highest level.
American Legion Baseball enjoys a reputation as one of the most successful and tradition-rich amateur athletic leagues. Today, the program registers over 5,400 teams in all 50 states, including Canada and Puerto Rico. Almost 100,000 youths, ages 15 to 19, participate annually. Since its inception, the league has had 10 million players, and nearly 75 percent of current college players are program graduates.

Divisions: The Newtown American Legion Post 440, through CRNAA, fields three Legion teams for young men aged 13-19:

Age 16-19

Junior Legion
Age 14-15

Junior Legion Prep
Age 13

Tryouts:  Newtown American Legion teams are select teams and they are picked after a tryout.  Tryouts for ALL CRNAA programs, including Newtown American Legion, are posted under My League & Team above, and will be e-mailed to all appropriately aged players in our system.

Boundaries:  Below is a map of the Newtown American Legion Post 440 boundaries.  You must reside within these boundaries to play for Post 440, or you must have a valid waiver from your Legion post.

View Newtown American Legion Post 440 Boundaries in a larger map

* If you would like to plot your address to see it in the above map, click on the "View Newtown American Legion Post 440 Boundaries in a larger map" link above.  Enter your home address in the search area.  The league map will disappear, but it's not gone.  In the little icon where is says "Traffic" or "Terrain", click on drop down arrow and then select "Newtown American ..." and both your address and the green boundary area will show up.  Use the Zoom controls to zoom out to see you house and the boundaries.

Expenses:  Newtown American Legion fees are currently $350 a year, plus whatever additional expenses the Manager requires for things such as indoor winter workouts, non-Legion tournaments, etc.   The $350 fee is collected online. Instructions for registration will be posted shortly.


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