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CRNAA Baseball Team Store - NOW OPEN until 8/17

The CRNAA Online Store is now open!

Please click on the Link below to place your order

Store Open- Close Date: 8/3-8/17

Please note a few reminders about your sale:

1 - Please ensure that all who are planning to order from your store are aware of the store closing date. If a deadline is missed and someone would still like to order, Kampus Klothes will assess a late fee of $25 added to your order.

2 - Order carefully. Kampus Klothes does not accept returns on any decorated items. There are sizing charts available here:

Kampus Klothes Sizing Chart 

3 - All orders will be fulfilled 3 weeks after the closing date of your store.

4 - Please note the Kampus Klothes procedure for backordered items. There are times when the manufacturers stock for items offered on our online stores may become unavailable or backordered. If that should occur, the individuals who purchased that item will be contacted and offered an alternative product or a refund. Once contacted about a backorder, if they don’t hear back from you within 24 hours, your order will be cancelled and money refunded.

If you have any questions, please contact

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CRNAA Site Best Practices

Below are some tips and best practices on using the CRNAA site.  Please a few minutes to review them:

  • Adding/Changing Email Addresses - Coaches do not add or change email addresses. They simply use the site to email their teams and update schedules.  Please log into the site yourself and add/update your personal information including email addresses.
  • Google Calendar, Android and iPhone users - When the schedules are posted, it's recommended that parents import their child's schedule into the calendar of their choice.  There's video on how to do this with Google Calendar but it should help with iPhone's, Outlook and other programs as well.  Click here for the video.

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C.R. North J.V. Baseball - Newtown OPEN (8/13) 
C.R. North Var. Baseball - Newtown OPEN (8/13) 
Chandler Back Field - Newtown OPEN (8/13) 
Chandler Batting Cage - Newtown OPEN (8/13) 
Chandler Front Field - Newtown OPEN (8/13) 
Chandler Middle Field - Newtown OPEN (8/13) 
Goodnoe Elementary Field - Newtown OPEN (8/13) 
Helen Randle 60/90 Field - Newtown OPEN (8/13) 
Helen Randle BattingCage - Newtown OPEN (8/13) 
N.M.S. Baseball Field - Newtown TBD (8/13) 
N.M.S. Softball Field - Newtown TBD (8/13) 
Newtown Elem. Sch. Field - Newtown OPEN (8/13) 
Pickering Field - Newtown TBD (8/13) 
Pickering Snack Shack - Newtown TBD (8/13) 
Skimmer Field - Burlington TBD (8/13) 
Solebury - New Hope TBD (8/13) 
Somerton - Somerton TBD (8/13) 
Sondek Park - Monmouth Junction TBD (8/13) 
Southampton TBD (8/13) 
Southampton (60/90) - Southampton TBD (8/13) 
Southampton L.L. - Southampton TBD (8/13) 
Spring City - Spring City TBD (8/13) 
Springfield High School - Glenside TBD (8/13) 
Surge Sports Training - Langhorne TBD (8/13) 
Switlik Park - Hamilton TBD (8/13) 
Sycamore Street TBD (8/13) 
TBD - Newtown TBD (8/13) 
TBD TBD (8/13) 
TBD TBD (8/13) 
TBD TBD (8/13) 
TBD TBD (8/13) 
Trenton Thunder Stadium - Trenton TBD (8/13) 
Tri-Township TBD (8/13) 
Tri-Township field - Newtown TBD (8/13) 
Unami Middle School - Chalfont TBD (8/13) 
Upper Dublin TBD (8/13) 
Upper Dublin #1 TBD (8/13) 
Upper Dublin #2 TBD (8/13) 
Upper Make (Lookout) - New Hope TBD (8/13) 
Upper Moreland TBD (8/13) 
Upper Moreland(Fern Vil) - Hatboro TBD (8/13) 
Upper Moreland(Lit. Lea) - Willow Grove TBD (8/13) 
Upper Moreland(Mid. Sch) - Hatboro TBD (8/13) 
Upper Moreland(Terwood) - Willow Grove TBD (8/13) 
Upper Moreland(Woodlawn) - Willow Grove TBD (8/13) 
Upper Perkiomen - East Greenville TBD (8/13) 
Upper Southampton Gravel - Upper Southampton TBD (8/13) 
Valley - Bensalem TBD (8/13) 
Valley - Bensalem TBD (8/13) 
Valley - Bensalem TBD (8/13) 
Veterans 46/60 Field - Newtown OPEN (8/13) 
Veterans 50/70 Field - Newtown OPEN (8/13) 
Veterans 60/90 Field - Newtown OPEN (8/13) 
Vets Park - Open area TBD (8/13) 
Vets Park - Open area ne TBD (8/13) 
Vets Park Snack Shack TBD (8/13) 
Warminster TBD (8/13) 
Warrington - Warrington TBD (8/13) 
Warrington #1 TBD (8/13) 
Warrington #2 TBD (8/13) 
Warrington 1 TBD (8/13) 
Warrington 12-A Travel TBD (8/13) 
Warrington 2 TBD (8/13) 
Warrington 8-A Travel TBD (8/13) 
Warwick - Jamison TBD (8/13) 
Warwick - Jamison TBD (8/13) 
Warwick - Warwick TBD (8/13) 
Welch Elem. School - Churchville TBD (8/13) 
West Windsor Comm. Park - Princeton Junction TBD (8/13) 
Whitpain TBD (8/13) 
willingboro - willinboro TBD (8/13) 
Yardley-Makefield - Yardley TBD (8/13) 
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